Polyphasic Sleep - Day 1

Friday was more interesting than Thursday.

I had some classes early in the afternoon, so immediately after my 1pm nap I jumped on my bike and rode to the university. I woke up from my nap feeling alright, and the bike ride through the cold air woke me up more. During the lectures, I felt a tiny bit disconnected from the world, but I had no problems staying focused on the lecture, I didn’t feel particularly sleepy, and I didn’t nod off or anything. That was actually a bit surprising to me, because I’ve often nodded off during lectures if I hadn’t slept enough.

After the lectures, I shopped around a little bit in the city, still feeling quite awake. I was back right in time for my 5pm nap, and I woke up from that nap feeling considerably worse than before the nap. In the evening, Diana came over for an hour or so, and I showed her some of my contraptions (such as the taped-shut window, and the wakeup light).

Shortly after she left, it was time for my 1am nap, and after that things got tougher. During both the 1am-5am and 5am-9am cycle, I was often drowsy, and I sometimes felt narcolepsy setting in, like a heavy blanket of sleep trying to envelop me. Moving about helped combat this. Doing something that requires concentration helped more; I played Quake III for half an hour, and that woke me up decently, staving off the worst drowsiness for about an hour after playing.

Since Friday night was considerably more challenging than Thursday night, I’m curious what Saturday night will bring. I might need some of the big guns to keep me awake tonight. The three nights after that I’ll get reinforcements :)

By the way, I wasn’t very hungry when I woke up from my 9am nap today. I’m starting to get hungry now, but it’s almost time for my next nap.

I do sleep during my naps now, but not a lot. A typical nap consists of 5-10 minutes of laying awake, trying to rest, followed by 5-10 minutes of unconsciousness, and then about 5 more minutes of laying awake again, waiting for the mp3 to end and the light to come on. I’m anxious to sleep more during my naps, although that will only make me feel crappier at first I fear…

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