Polyphasic Sleep - Day 2

It’s now more than 72 hours ago since my last night of normal sleep.

One thing that stands out is that I’m sleeping differently. I seem to fall asleep a bit faster, and I no longer wake up by myself before naptime is over; I have to be woken by the mp3 and the wake-up light now. Because of that, the risk of oversleeping increases, so I’ve been setting Diana’s old-fashioned noise-box as a backup alarm. Being analog, the thing is not very accurate, so I’m setting it for approximately 40 minutes after lying down.

So far, I haven’t needed it, I’ve woken up each time at the start of the gentle wakeup noises, with my wakeup light on. The combination seems to wake me nicely so far, but I’ll continue to use the backup alarm from now on.

I’ve been able to stick to my schedule with great precision. I’m getting my naps precisely on time (at most one minute variation), and I have never overslept. I fear the toughest part is yet to come, but I’ll get help soon :) Some of Diana’s plans have been cancelled, so she’ll come over this afternoon and help me through the late afternoon, evening and night. Yay! And the next two nights I’ll have some assistance as well (from Bart and Nicole, respectively).

Since I stopped waking up before the end of naptime, I’ve been feeling a lot more like a zombie on waking up. Before I could feel “Muh, but okay” after getting up, now I really have to drag myself away from the bed, and I’ll feel like crap for at least half an hour. I wonder if that means I’m waking up during slow wave sleep? If so, that would be progress, I think :)

During the daytime, I felt pretty good, barely tired at all. At around 8pm, I went out for groceries, two 15-minute walks in the brisk winter cold (about -11°C or 12°F) that really helped me stay alert. Shopping was fine, barely confusing at all, but I bought way too much food. I’ll have to stuff Diana with food if I’m hoping to get through my current supplies :P

Around midnight, before my 1am nap, I was wide awake, happily whistling along with songs etc. I even listened to an awesome song with my headphones and my eyes closed, without any narcolepsy! This waking feeling lasted after my 1am nap as well, until I got drowsy at about 3am. The drowsiness developed to very serious fatigue with narcoleptic symptoms as I approached my 5am nap.

From that point on, the night was hard; I woke up as a zombie from my 5am nap, and I did not recover much from that. The meal after my 5am nap was too light, so at 8am I was not only a zombie, but a hungry zombie. Braaaaaainzzzz…

During these hard hours, my brain upped its effort to get back to normal sleep by instilling doubts, a problem well-known by (attempted) Uberman adapters. Questions like Is this worth it?, What if it doesn’t work?, and Would it be better if I gave up? started cropping up in my mind. I was able to dismiss these concerns without too much trouble, but I’ll have to be prepared for more mind tricks from… Well, from my mind.

Sometimes I feel wide awake, and my performance in a few games I’ve been keeping track of (more about that later) is usually on-par at those times. At those moments, I sometimes wonder if I’m sleep-deprived at all. Of course, I am. Not only can I be a complete zombie a few hours later, but my memory seems to be performing significantly worse than before, even when I’m feeling awake. I have trouble remembering a lot of things, and I’m resorting to writing down many things.

Well, that’s about all I had to say about day 2. I hope to see more progress soon; a really refreshing nap would be great, for example ;)

    • Lise
    • December 20th, 2009

    Wat is je slaaprooster precies? Je bent nu al ruim twee uur away zzz ;). Moet ik me al zorgen maken? Of wakker bellen ;)?

  1. @Lise: Mijn slaaprooster is ±25 minuten slapen om 01.00, 05.00, 09.00, 13.00, 17.00, en 21.00.

    En mijn awaymsg in Utopia sloeg op Uberman an sich, niet op één dutje :)

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