Polyphasic Sleep - Day 3

Today was tough. The feeling of zombiehood after naps got worse, and I had a few bouts of significant narcolepsy. Diana kept me company for most of today, which proved really valuable. With her help, I was able to break the 96-hour barrier :)

But it was not easy.

I woke up feeling like a complete zombie from my 9am nap. During the hours that followed I recovered a bit, but I didn’t feel great. Around 12.30 narcolepsy really played up; I kept nodding off in the middle of a Quake III game, which I hadn’t considered possible before.

It’s worth noticing that 12.30 is about half an hour before my 1pm nap. Later on the day, Diana would observe a distinct pattern; I was getting tired and narcoleptic about half an hour before every nap.

Around 4pm, Diana arrived. The presence of another human being to interact with immediately made a big difference! As long as I could have a conversation with Diana, I didn’t have to fight off drowsiness. Activities like watching TV together were still a problem at times, and my pre-nap narcolepsy was still very present and tough, but managable. Thanks to Diana’s presence, the rest of the day was uneventful and rather easy.

That is, until about 4.30am (half an hour before my 5am nap). I was standing / leaning against my desk, talking to Diana, when I started feeling “disconnected” from reality, as if the world — all of it — was suddenly farther away. I felt my grip on consciousness weaken, my limbs felt a bit cold and tingly, and Diana noticed that I was getting very pale. I think I got pretty close to fainting.

I sat down on my desk chair, but that did not seem to help a lot. Opening the window to let some fresh air in did help a bit. After a minute or so, the I’m-about-to-faint feeling subsided, and came back again several times, but each time less powerful than the previous. At about 4.45am, it was pretty much gone, leaving me feeling mostly ok but tired and a bit scared.

Diana and I talked about the event for a bit, and we discussed what to do should I actually faint. Soon though, it was time for my 5am nap. I woke up from my 5am nap feeling like a complete zombie again. We ate something while watching Futurama, but I was so tired I kept nodding off again.

I still had a fairly large Lego technic kit lying around, which I intended to build during my adaptation to Uberman. Building a lego kit requires physical activity, concentration, and it’s fun, so I considered it likely to keep me awake. I decided that the time for the Lego kit had come, so we opened it up, unpacked all the little baggies, studied the instructions, and started building. It immediately chased away the drowsiness, I felt quite awake while engaged with Lego :)

Because we spent more time quibbling over how to organize the mountain of parts than actually building the thing, we didn’t get very far though :P

    • Lise
    • December 22nd, 2009

    Woei, lego! En het gaat nog steeds best aardig dus :). Hoe lang hebben mensen normaliter nodig om eraan te wennen?

    • marcelm
    • December 22nd, 2009

    @lise: Nouja, afgezien van dat bijna-flauwvallen ging het nog best aardig ja :P

    Over hoe lang het duurt lees ik verschillende ervaringen, maar het zou na 4-10 dagen moeten beginnen te werken. Bij Steve Pavlina begon het te werken na ongeveer 4 dagen, en volgens puredoxyk (de polyfasische koningin) is er iets goed mis als het na 10 dagen zonder screw-ups niet aanslaat.

  1. December 25th, 2009