Polyphasic Sleep - Day 5

The next nap, at 5pm, was fairly normal; I woke up feeling groggy, but I started feeling better fairly soon.

At about 5.45pm my sister Nicole arrived. We chatted for an hour or two, mostly about sleep and Uberman, and then went out for some groceries. We got chips for her dinner, and I ended up buying a small snack too.

The next three naps (9pm, 1am, 5am) brought no surprises; I woke up feeling like a zombie from all of them. I felt mostly ok a while after the 9pm nap, the waking period after the 1am nap was tough with significant narcolepsy, and after the 5am nap I felt quite tired but experienced no narcolepsy.

9am nap

The 9am nap was a very different beast; Nicole had to wake me from this one! That’s the first time I didn’t wake up from the combination of the gentle noises in the mp3 and the wakeup light. In fact, when Nicole woke me, my mp3 player was paused at the start of the harsher wakeup noises, so apparantly I had woken up enough to pause it and then go back to sleep. I felt horribly groggy, and it took me about 5 minutes before I realized I was remembering some shreds of a dream… I had a dream during this nap! That certainly was a welcome improvement :)

But dream or no dream, I felt horribly tired from this nap, and that only got worse with time. I did not feel as tired as the fatigue-crisis of the previous morning, but I experienced new heights of narcolepsy. About 10 minutes after the nap, Nicole had to call my name or poke me every half minute to keep me from nodding off! If she hadn’t been there, there’s no way I could’ve stayed awake, so thanks Nicole!

Nicole was tired from staying up with me for most of the night, and she wanted to leave for some errands in the city and for going home to sleep. I realized that staying home alone would mean falling asleep, so I tagged along with her.

During the 20-minute walk through the snow, I felt fine with no narcoleptic symptoms. In the city, we came across some outlet shop that was having a bankruptcy sale, so we decided to see if they had anything interesting for sale. After being in the warm shop for a few minutes, narcolepsy hit me like a brick; my legs turned to rubber, and I literally had to hold on to something to avoid collapsing on the floor. Giving in and just letting myself fall to the floor to sleep actually sounded good. I probably would have slept before hitting the floor :z

I reinforced myself and made my way out of the store; the cold made the narcolepsy disappear quickly. This quickly established a pattern; walking outside through the snow was fine, being inside was not. I played with the idea of going home and have an unscheduled nap (of the usual length, using all my alarms), but I didn’t trust myself when it came to waking up anymore…

Eventually, I ended up walking outside for the better part of three hours, running some errands (like buying a new garbage can for our kitchen). Every time I was inside somewhere, narcolepsy roared its ugly head. It took some pleading, but I also convinced Nicole to return to my house after her errands were done, so she could wake me up from my scheduled 1pm nap if necessary. Thanks again!

It turned out I woke up fine without help from my 1pm nap, but I did feel very groggy and zombielike then. No dream (as far as I remembered).

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