Polyphasic Sleep - Day 7

I was getting a bit fed up with napping on my bed, so I tried something else; I napped in one of my comfortable chairs (which is also where I had my successful Ubernap yesternight). I couldn’t wear my headphones comfortably, so I put them around my neck and turned the volume way up so I’d still hear them. I also couldn’t use my wakeup light for this nap. The nap was not very different from bed naps; slept for the usual time, woke up feeling similar.

I was some 15 minutes late for my 5pm nap, and that might have been the reason I fell asleep quickly. After this nap, I joined the torchlight procession in Eindhoven with the awesome tint people. I felt great during this period.

I got home from the procession about 15 minutes late for my 9pm nap, and again I fell asleep quickly. I woke up feeling groggy as usual, but when the groginess disappeared after half an hour or so, I felt very energetic! I have a sizable to-do list, but I usually have trouble motivating myself to actually do items from that list. This time though, I wanted to do them all, and I wanted to do them now! I was being productive non-stop during this cycle, which felt very good.

Is this what being fully adapted to Uberman feels like? If so, gimme!

I fell asleep quickly for my 1am nap as well, but I did not awake with the energy of the 9pm nap. Despite that, I was still quite productive. At 3.12am exactly, I felt a sudden onset of medium fatigue. I decided to inject a 3am nap, which felt like any other nap.

I woke up early from my 5am nap, after about 14 minutes of sleep. I felt fairly rested, but again groggy too. I got tired around 7am, but I didn’t want to keep injecting extra naps, so I decided to stay up. At around 8am, I began to crash hard, but I stayed awake.

My 9am nap wasn’t as restorative as I’d liked; I felt seriously tired during that cycle, and eventually I fell asleep. My memory is very hazy on what happened exactly, but it seems that I fell asleep behind my computer around 11.30am, waking up just before 12 with a painful neck, and feeling thoroughly confused and tired. I ended up taking a nap right after this, from which I woke up tired but without many problems. I was apparantly quite confused by my mobile phone (which I use as an alarm), because after all this my phone’s language was set to Dutch rather than the usual English…

The cycle after this early (12noon rather than 1pm) nap was fine. I felt some fatigue around 4pm, but didn’t take my nap until its scheduled time of 5pm.

Today had enough moments where I felt narcoleptic enough to work on my Lego truck again (I tried to save the Legos for the really bad spells, because I found it helps so well). And now the truck is done!

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