Polyphasic Sleep - Day 8

Today my sister and I visited my mother for a late Christmas dinner, which also meant I was napping over there.

I got my 5pm nap on the couch in her living room, while my sister was watching The Incredibles, which seemed to work okay. I had the feeling I was awake rather a lot and that I didn’t sleep a lot, but some clock math suggests I slept about 15 minutes, and I didn’t feel unusual during the cycle following this nap.

I took my 9pm nap upstairs on a bed, nothing out of the ordinary.

I had my 1am nap back at my place again. My memory was foggy on waking up, so I can’t remember for sure, but I had the impression that I woke up by myself just before the wakup noises / light.

At 3am, I was getting quite tired again, so I took the 3am nap again. This nap didn’t do me much good, and I was getting narcoleptic just before 4am.

At 5am, I decided to nap in my comfy chair again, without light or headphones, but just my mobile phone to wake me up. This seemed to work well, although my nap was a bit short (estimated 10 minutes).

But then things went wrong. My next memory after the 5am nap isn’t until 8.55am, when I was in the middle of a Futurama epsiode. Yes, that means I couldn’t even remember (watching) the first half of that Futurama episode. I can only imagine the state I was in for that to happen.

I do have a vague feeling that I sat back in the comfy chair after the 5am nap, so I suspect I fell asleep again, woke up whenever as a zombie, and decided to watch Futurama. But the fact that I can’t remember any of it — especially watching Futurama up to that point — is… interesting.

It’s also troublesome, because despite seemingly getting better naps (including one with a dream), it’s the third night in a row of such an incident, and the mixed signals I’m sending my body can only be bad for adapting.

So it’s important I avoid these things, and that I stick closely to a schedule. I’ve decided to do it the hard way, and banish extra naps. If I get tired in between naps, I’ll pop outside to wake up (especially at 3am, I suspect). Also, no more napping in my comfy chair, that chair is way too dangerous. I’ll dump stuff in it, because sitting in that chair is begging for trouble.

The first nap after the sleepy incident was my 1pm nap. I had a bit more trouble falling asleep than usual, and after laying awake for some 10 minutes (I guess), I got some faint but nice closed-eye visuals. I usually see some faint grayish colored blobs or veils when I close my eyes in darkness for a while (that’s normal btw ;) ), but this time they were more like spirals; more pronounced and geometric.

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