Polyphasic Sleep - Interesting Nap

Today is day 4, Monday. I’ve had my 1pm and 5pm naps now, and the 1pm nap was rather interesting. I didn’t wake up feeling like a zombie from this nap, but not particularly refreshed either. I did feel a bit weird and disoriented.

After being up for about ten minutes, I picked up some steam. I can only describe how I felt as “high and weird, energetic and yet tired”. I was jumping about to and singing along with the music I was listening, which is something I hadn’t felt like for a while. This lasted for about 2 hours, when it gradually wore off, making place for drowsiness, and — as the 5pm nap approached — severe fatigue.

Was this a (more or less) successful Uberman nap? I don’t know. I did feel energetic and a bit euphoric for a few hours after the nap, and the fatigue I felt could easily be caused by the sleep debt I’ve accumulated during the adaptation so far.

It’s worth noticing that I did not remember dreaming during this nap, which many Ubersleepers do report for their first successful Uberman nap. On the other hand, I’ve always been horrible at remembering my dreams, so not remembering a dream might not be sufficient evidence for not having a dream.

Another thing is this: since about day 2, I was having dry and sore eyes — which is no surprise. But since this particular 1pm nap, my eyes seem to be much happier, only feeling tired a little.

Falling asleep analysis

Falling asleep was also a bit different for this nap. Normally, I’ll lay awake for about 5-8 minutes, then fall asleep, and then wake up from the sounds in the mp3, usually 5-20 seconds before my wakeup light turns on.

For this nap, I was laying awake, feeling more and more tired. After a handful of minutes, I felt waves of fatigue envelop me, spiraling me towards sleep, and then suddenly the fatigue was gone. I wondered if I had already slept, but checking my mp3 player revealed that I had only been lying there for 7 minutes, which corresponded to how long I think I had been lying awake.

I put down my mp3 player, and tried to relax again, and what felt like a minute later, the wakeup light turned on. Of course, the wakeup light was actually programmed to turn on 23 - 7 = 16 minutes later, so apparantly I had slept for 15 minutes.

5pm nap

The 5pm nap was not like the 1pm nap, it was like the naps before it; I woke up with the familiar zombie feeling, and without the energy. That nap is now 3 hours ago, and I’m feeling pretty tired again. My eyes are still feeling alright though.

Well, even if the 1pm nap was not a successful Uberman nap, at least I get the feeling I’m making some progress, which is good.

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